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Character Information
Character Name: Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog

Character History:

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Not much is known about Dr. Eggman's early life. What little is known is that during Eggman's childhood, he looked up to his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, as an idol. He gained a keen interest in science from an early age as a result. He saw his grandfather as a noble man who only did his best to aid humanity with his research and sought to follow in his footsteps. He later discovered how Gerald had died - he had been executed by the military. However, he wouldn't learn the truth of why for quite some time, and it was likely that the young Eggman begun to view the government in a poor light from this point. Either way, he only strove harder to live up to his beloved grandfather's name.

As he grew older, Robotnik dedicated his life to science, specialising in robotics although becoming proficient in many other fields. At some point, he considered going into teaching, although he never accomplished this goal.

Most of all, what Eggman wanted from his life was to prove how intelligent he was and have others acknowledge him as the ultimate genius. At some point, he decided that the best way to achieve this goal was to use his knowledge of robotics and his increasingly developed knowledge of building weaponry to conquer the world. He began to have dreams of his own global empire - Robotnikland - where he would rule absolutely.

To this end, he began to research the Chaos Emeralds, seven gems of extraordinary destructive power. Eggman realised that if he could gather them all, he would be invincible and would be able to use their power to force the world to bow before him.

Robotnik tracked the Chaos Emeralds to the remote South Island. He travelled there, established a stronghold and begun kidnapping the local wildlife. During his research, Eggman had discovered that small animals contained a mysterious power that could be used to fuel machinery and begun to insert them into his robotic creations as living batteries. He quickly started marking the island as his territory, spreading his robots across its surface and leaving images of himself as warning signs to invaders.

It was during this campaign that the Doctor first encountered Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic set about retaking all of the zones of the island, destroying most of Eggman's robots and freeing the animals he had trapped inside prison capsules. Upon confronting the evil Doctor Robotnik, Sonic didn't hesitate to give him the nickname "Eggman" - the first time that he was officially known by this name.

After surviving the destruction of his fortress and going into hiding, Eggman didn't hesitate to restart his plans from scratch. He would attack South Island several more times and launch similar attacks on other locations. However, with each attack came a crushing defeat at the hands of Sonic. Despite his anger at having his plans foiled, Eggman soon came to grow a strange respect for Sonic. Though he would never admit this respect aloud, he showed it by adopting the name Eggman, though he stubbornly demanded that Sonic call him by his true name despite this. He began to see Sonic as a worthy opponent, as well as a challenge that he had to overcome. The only way to prove himself intelligent enough to conquer Earth was to defeat Sonic.

Eggman soon decided that the sole reason for his failure to conquer the world was simply that his plans weren't large scale enough. Despite his previous defeats, he had gathered enough resources to build and launch a colossal space station - his very own Death Egg. The station, when at full power, would have the power to lay waste to the Earth at Eggman's will. In order to harness such power, he would, of course, need the seven Chaos Emeralds. Finding out that they were most likely on Westside Island, Eggman followed Sonic there, knowing that his enemy knew the location of the island. He immediately began constructing an army of robots and imprisoning the wildlife, while setting to work completing his space station.

Unsurprisingly, Sonic was quickly alerted to Eggman's plans and begun to disrupt them. It was while facing Sonic in an attempt to slow him down that Eggman realised he had a new enemy - Sonic's sidekick, Tails. Little did he know at the time, but the little fox was a budding mechanic and engineer and would become another rival of his in the years to come. Still, as far as he was concerned at that moment, Tails was nothing to worry about compared to Sonic and he continued to delay the two heroes until the Death Egg was ready for launch.

He managed to hinder the two heroes long enough for the Death Egg to be launched into orbit, but despite Eggman's best efforts, Sonic and Tails survived his constant attacks and followed him to the hangar of the station. He confronted the pair in his giant Eggman mecha, but it was quickly destroyed. The resulting explosion took out the Death Egg and sent it hurtling back down to Earth, with Eggman barely escaping with his life.

Somehow escaping unscathed, Eggman tracked the falling Death Egg and found that its fall had been broken by a floating island, high in the sky above the ocean. The impact of the fall had knocked the island out of the sky and it was floating in the ocean by the time Eggman reached it to retrieve the Death Egg. Upon his arrival, Robotnik was greeted by the island's guardian - Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles explained that Angel Island was only able to fly because of the power of the Master Emerald he guarded. Realising that he needed a way to beat Sonic, who was still in possession of the Chaos Emeralds, Eggman tricked Knuckles into believing that he was a good-hearted scientist who only wished to better humanity. He told the naive guardian that Sonic was an evil hedgehog who had stolen the Chaos Emeralds and would come for the Master next. The ruse worked and Knuckles agreed to stop Sonic and help Eggman launch his space station back into orbit.

With Knuckles distracted preparing for Sonic and Tails' arrival, Eggman quickly set to work kidnapping the island's animals and turning them into robots. His robots quickly built a fortress around a launch base for the Death Egg and begun preparations to relaunch it into space. When Sonic and Tails arrived on the island, Eggman ordered Knuckles to go and ambush them to steal the Chaos Emeralds. He then had his battleship and robots burn the jungles of Angel Island to the ground in order to destroy Sonic. Despite the bombardment, Sonic survived long enough to confront Robotnik in the jungle. He destroyed Eggman's mecha, but the scientist was glad to see that it appeared Sonic wasn't in possession of the Emeralds anymore.

Robotnik and Knuckles continued to stay one step ahead of Sonic, setting traps for him across the island to slow him down long enough for preparations on the Death Egg to be complete. Despite their efforts, the heroes made it to the launch site and confronted Eggman. In a panic, Eggman ordered a hasty launch of the Death Egg in order to prevent it being damaged by Sonic and confronted his nemesis in a last-ditch attempt to defeat him. It was to Eggman's horror that he discovered Sonic still had the Chaos Emeralds and was defeated; fleeing only to see his precious Death Egg's launch had not been successful. The colossal station crashed into the island's volcano. Eggman's only option to relaunch the damaged station was to put the next part of his plan into action immediately - steal the Master Emerald from Knuckles and use its power to fuel his station.

Luckily for Eggman, Knuckles still hadn't learned the truth and continued to try and hinder Sonic's progress, keeping him distracted from Eggman's plans. Eventually, Eggman tracked the Master Emerald to a cave in the mountain the Death Egg rested upon and broke in to steal it while Knuckles was distracted fighting Sonic. Eggman swatted Knuckles aside and snatched the Master Emerald before Sonic could stop him. At last, the Death Egg was a fully armed and operational battle station.

Despite successfully launching the station before Sonic could react, Eggman anticipated the hedgehog finding a way on board before it reached its intended destination and left an army of robots to defend the Death Egg from intruders. Eggman himself waited on the Death Egg's observation deck, where he piloted a giant robot fuelled by the Master Emerald itself. Despite having the power of the Emerald at his command, Sonic defeated him once more and he fled the crumbling space station in a desperate attempt to keep the Master Emerald in his own hands. After a showdown in space with Sonic's super form, Eggman lost the emerald to his enemy and went into hiding.

However, Eggman didn't intend on staying in hiding for long. He merely hoped that his enemies would believe him gone forever for long enough for him to restart his own plans. He had many more attempts at world domination soon after, continuing his pattern of capturing animals and building doomsday weapons with the Chaos Emeralds. These attempts even included more than one attempt at rebuilding the Death Egg, but they were all unsuccessful.

With all of his previous plans in ruins, Eggman relocated to the Mystic Ruins in the United Federation. Most of the jungles were unexplored, except for the occasional team of archaeologists and therefore he managed to stay well hidden from the authorities and set up an outpost. While in the jungle, Eggman discovered ancient stone tablets that told of an ancient civilisation that was laid to waste by a terrible monster called Chaos. The beast was sealed within the Master Emerald and remained there to that day. Eggman decided that if he could tame the beast, he would be able to use its power to conquer the world.

Using his newly constructed flagship - the Egg Carrier - the scientist travelled to the Floating Island and destroyed the Master Emerald, freeing Chaos from its prison. He immediately sent Chaos to the nearby city of Station Square, where it attacked the local police force. It wasn't long before Sonic was on the scene and Eggman watched as the hedgehog defeated the monster. Still, Eggman was impressed by the power of Chaos - after all, if this was what Chaos could do without any Emeralds at all, he knew that Chaos' full power would only be unlocked if he fed the beast the seven Chaos Emeralds. Only then would it have the power to decimate entire cities.

Being reduced to two Egg Carriers and his Mystic Ruins hideout, Eggman couldn't afford to produce the sheer number of robots that he had done before. Because of limited production capacity and a realisation that he needed more intelligent robots if he was to collect the seven Emeralds and defeat Sonic, Eggman designed and built a small group of elite robots. The E-100 series of robots had the capacity for advanced tactics and thinking and acted as elite commandos.

Eggman soon traced a Chaos Emerald - it was being held by Sonic's friend Tails, who was using it to power a prototype biplane. Eggman waited at Tails' workshop for the two heroes and picked the perfect moment to snatch the Emerald. As soon as it was in his hands, Eggman summoned Chaos and revealed his plans to the heroes. Although this was in part due to his pompous nature, Eggman also had ulterior motives - if Sonic knew that he was hunting for the Emeralds, then the hedgehog would no doubt go on a hunt for the precious gems himself. The plan proved to be a success and Eggman tricked Sonic, Tails and Knuckles into collecting and subsequently losing most of the Chaos Emeralds to him. The remaining Emeralds, save one, were collected by Eggman's robots and taken to the Egg Carrier.

Sonic and Tails followed the scientist to his airship and confronted him on the deck, where he fed the remaining Emeralds to Chaos, making a total of six. Despite the beast almost being in its ultimate destructive form, it was defeated by Sonic and the battle caused the Egg Carrier to crash into the ocean. Before the crash, Eggman fled the scene, considering the plan a failure. In a last ditch attempt to destroy Station Square and claim it as his own, he launched a missile at the city, but it didn't detonate. Before he could reach the scene to detonate the bomb manually, Tails deactivated it, causing Eggman to attack him in a fit of rage. He lost the battle and returned to the Mystic Ruins base to consider his next move. He knew that Sonic would follow him there and waited for the hedgehog, attacking him with one last mecha. Failing to defeat his enemy, Eggman fled the facility as it fell apart.

All of his plans in ruins, Eggman wandered the jungle in his hoverplane, cursing his luck and cursing Sonic. While there, he spotted Chaos, who wasn't dead after all. Before he could react, Chaos attacked him and he barely escaped. Eggman realised that Chaos' next move would be to seek the Emeralds and he flew to Angel Island, where he knew Knuckles had taken the jewels. When he arrived, he realised he'd been followed by Chaos, who overpowered Knuckles and Eggman and took off with the Emeralds. Eggman vowed revenge on Chaos and returned to the jungle to find the Egg Carrier 2, which he had prepared in case Chaos ever betrayed him.

Chaos, now possessing all seven of the Chaos Emeralds, completely consumed the city of Station Square and set about razing it to the ground. As it was destroying the city, Eggman launched his battleship at the beast, but he was shot down by an energy beam sent by Chaos and instead watched as Sonic defeated the creature. Satisfied that it was gone at last, Eggman left the scene.

After the Chaos incident, Eggman relocated to the desert with his remaining robots. He made his base inside an ancient pyramid, where he knew that the government and military would never find him and took advantage of the untapped oil supplies in the desert to fuel his machinery. Despite securing a base and some resources, Eggman didn't have the ability to mass-produce robots here and was forced to scale down his operations to avoid detection while he rebuilt his forces.

In order to gather intelligence, Eggman used a remote link to hack into the Guardian Unit of Nation’s computer network. While snooping in their files, he came across the diary of Professor Gerald Robotnik, his grandfather and childhood idol. Gerald’s diary told the story of how his dangerous research aboard the Space Colony ARK had lead to GUN troops seizing the facility and killing many of the ARK’s personnel. Among the fatalities was Maria Robotnik, Eggman’s cousin. The diary also contained the location of a secret weapon developed by Professor Gerald, codenamed Project Shadow. Intrigued by the idea of a new superweapon that could aid him in conquering the world, Dr. Eggman left for Prison Island where the weapon was being stored by GUN.

Upon arrival on Prison Island, Eggman snuck into the facility and then stormed it with a hail of missiles, laying waste to countless GUN robots. Reaching the deepest part of the facility, Eggman activated the weapon with a Chaos Emerald he had acquired and the nature of the weapon was revealed. The “weapon” was in fact a hedgehog much like Sonic, named Shadow, who pledged his allegiance to Eggman for freeing him from his prison. Shadow proved his strength by destroying a GUN robot and told Eggman to meet him on the Space Colony ARK with the Chaos Emeralds.
Eggman decided that he had no other choice than to trust the hedgehog and his grandfather for now and set off in search of more Emeralds.
Since the Emeralds give off a signal that can be tracked by radar with the power of the other gems, Eggman used his Emerald to track down the others. The signal lead him to an area in the desert, where he discovered Knuckles and a stranger fighting over the Master Emerald. Although it wasn’t what he had come for, Eggman figured that it would come in handy anyway and snatched the huge jewel while the two were distracted. However, Knuckles stopped Eggman from taking the Emerald by shattering it to pieces and the scientist decided to return to the pyramid to plan what to do next. While there, he witnessed a news report on TV reporting the theft of a Chaos Emerald from a bank in the city. The thief was identified as Sonic the Hedgehog, but Eggman knew better. Since Shadow had obviously found a Chaos Emerald, Eggman decided to use his teleporter to travel to the ARK and meet Shadow.

After fighting his way through GUN robots guarding the station, Eggman reached the control room where Shadow was waiting for him. The hedgehog explained that the colony housed a cannon capable of causing global destruction when powered by all seven Emeralds. Once the weapon was fully powered, Eggman could use its power to force the world to its knees and accept him as their emperor.

Little did the two know that someone was in the room eavesdropping – the bat girl who had been arguing with Knuckles earlier. Introducing herself as Rouge, she offered her blue Chaos Emerald to Eggman in exchange for his emerald detector, which she would use to find the Master Emerald. As part of the deal, she would also find the remaining Chaos Emeralds for Doctor Eggman.

Rouge revealed that some of the Emeralds were being kept in a vault back on Prison Island and the trio travelled there to go and collect them. Eggman quickly came up with a solid plan – he would distract the military by attacking the harbour while Rouge snuck into the GUN vault and located the three Emeralds being stored there. Meanwhile, Shadow would lay explosive charges in the armoury. With the three Emeralds in Eggman’s possession, they would leave the island and blow it up before the army could react.

While preparing to enact the plan, Eggman and Shadow bumped into a friend of Sonic the Hedgehog – Amy. Before Eggman could find out what she was doing on Prison Island, Tails arrived in a mecha walker similar to the one that Eggman was piloting. Eggman sent Shadow away to do his part in the plan and fought with Tails, eventually defeating the fox. Deciding the pair not worth his time, especially now that they had delayed his plan, Eggman left to attack the harbour.

Despite the setback, the plan was eventually successful and the trio returned to the ARK with the Chaos Emeralds. Now with only one more gem to collect, the Eclipse Cannon had enough power for a suitable demonstration of its power. Using the communication systems on the ARK, Eggman broadcast a message to every television set in the world. Formally introducing himself as Doctor Eggman to the public for perhaps the first time, he urged citizens around the world to witness the beginning of the new Eggman Empire. After the message, the Eclipse Cannon fired at the moon, destroying a large portion of it and Eggman gave world leaders twenty-four hours to surrender.

Eggman spent time negotiating with world leaders, but he was very strict with his terms – become part of the Eggman Empire or cease to exist entirely. However, he couldn’t convince anyone to surrender immediately and quickly became frustrated at his lack of progress. Shadow suggested that finding the last Emerald would prove that they were serious. Rouge soon revealed that the last Emerald was with Tails, who received it for saving Station Square from Eggman.

Eggman sent Rouge and Shadow to collect the Emerald from Tails and they tracked down the fox’s plane, where it seemed that Tails was actually heading straight for Eggman’s pyramid with Sonic. This made things a lot easier for the Doctor, who waited for the heroes and attacked them with his newest robot – the Egg Golem. Sonic managed to destroy the targeting system of the colossal robot and it turned on Eggman, giving the heroes a chance to escape while Eggman destroyed his creation.

During the fight, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles stole Eggman’s space shuttle and used it to fly to the ARK. Eggman instructed Rouge to stop them and kept watch on the situation from his base on Earth. Noticing that the ARK’s radar was picking up two separate Chaos Emeralds in Tails’ possession, Eggman worked out that Sonic was going to try and trick him with a fake Chaos Emerald and travelled to the ARK in his walker to confront them.

As he arrived on the ARK, Eggman found Amy there and took her hostage, using the ARK’s PA system to tell Sonic to bring him the Chaos Emerald. As Sonic arrived on the observation deck, Eggman trapped him in a capsule with the fake emerald and launched him into space, detonating the pod and killing Sonic. Eggman said farewell to his long-time enemy and then implored Tails to hand over the real Emerald. He refused and a battle broke out between the two. In the end, Eggman defeated Tails and took the Chaos Emerald from him, rushing to the Eclipse Cannon in time to fully charge it with the seventh jewel just before his 24 hour deadline.

Taking a moment to relish his victory, the Doctor soon realised that everything wasn’t going to plan – the cannon failed to fire and the console showed all kinds of errors and energy readings. Just as Eggman began to lose his temper at the machine, he was interrupted by an image suddenly appearing on the screen – Gerald Robotnik.

The recording of Gerald revealed the reason that the cannon hadn’t fired. After the ARK was stormed to stop Gerald Robotnik’s dangerous research, the death of Maria had driven the Professor insane. In his insanity, he had modified the Eclipse Cannon so that when the seven Emeralds were inserted into it, it would turn the space colony into a giant bomb and launch it at the Earth. The blast would destroy the entire planet. Professor Gerald saw it as an act of revenge, to make the world feel the grief he had felt. Eggman had been tricked by Shadow into making this happen.

Eggman returned to the ARK’s observation room, where he found Sonic, who was still alive, with the others. He and the others quickly formulated a plan to stop the energy of the Chaos Emeralds in order to stop the ARK falling.

Eggman used his mecha’s weaponry to destroy one of the security doors leading to the cannon’s core and then stayed back to guide the others through the colony via radio. Together, everybody managed to stop the colony from colliding with the Earth and put it back in its original orbit. The only obstacle in the way was Professor Gerald’s Biolizard monster, which Sonic and Shadow defeated. Unfortunately, after the battle Shadow fell out of space and towards the Earth, presumed dead. With the Earth safe, Eggman stared out into space and wondered aloud to Tails if his grandfather could really have meant to destroy everybody.

For the next few months, Eggman went into hiding where he decided once again to change tactics. This time, he designed a new type of humanoid robot and produced it en masse to create an army of uniform soldiers. He also managed to secure the resources to create a massive fleet of flying battleships, the new Egg Fleet. During this time, Eggman discovered Shadow – alive and unconscious after falling to the Earth. Feeling some pity for the hedgehog, but more importantly seeing an opportunity to use Shadow’s power for his own, Eggman took Shadow to one of his facilities and kept him sealed in a capsule. With data from Shadow, he “cloned” the hedgehog, producing hundreds of Shadow Androids to use in his world domination efforts.

With all of these resources, Eggman believed that he was unstoppable. But what he didn’t expect was to be betrayed by one of his own robots – Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic had grown tired of being defeated by Sonic and imprisoned Doctor Eggman aboard his Egg Carrier flagship. He used his transformation powers to disguise himself as Eggman and take over his fleet.

Far from admitting defeat, Eggman used a radio transmitter in his cell to contact the Chaotix Detective Agency anonymously. He gave them several tasks, some intended to test their mettle and others to hinder Metal Sonic’s efforts. He had the Chaotix do battle with the fake “Eggman” several times, before finally sending them to board his Egg Fleet and free him. As the detectives broke into his cell, their leader, Vector, revealed that he knew it was Eggman all along. Eggman told them who had locked him in his cell and they went out onto the Egg Carrier’s deck to confront Metal Sonic.

While there, Eggman found that Metal Sonic had lured nine other heroes, including Shadow, there and used data from each of them to transform into a super form. He told them that their only hope would be if they had the Chaos Emeralds. By pure coincidence, the heroes had collected all of the gems between them and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles used them to defeat Metal Sonic while the others fought to distract him.

During the battle with Metal Sonic, most of the Egg Fleet was destroyed and Eggman lost most of his military might but this still didn’t stop him pursuing control of the world. However, his plans were interrupted once again when the Earth was invaded by a race of aliens known as the Black Arms. The aliens attacked cities around the world and even Doctor Eggman found himself being attacked. Also, despite GUN being busy trying to repel the aliens, they still managed to spare the forces to assault his bases around the world.

While Eggman co-ordinated his robots in the defence of his Circus Park base, he happened across Shadow who had come to the park in search of a Chaos Emerald nearby. He directed Shadow around the park and the hedgehog helped him to repel the attacking mecha suits. With his park free of invaders, Eggman observed the situation in the rest of the world, becoming angry that the Black Arms were destroying his planet. Deciding that something had to be done to stop the aliens before they destroyed everything, Eggman launched his battleship fleet to attack the Black Arms. The alien fleet consisted of floating temples, which Eggman immediately sent his battleships to engage.

Eggman’s probe soon detected the presence of Shadow, who had coincidentally boarded one of the Black Arms’ flying fortresses. The scientist saw this opportunity to destroy the fleet more quickly, directing Shadow to destroy several power cores that were keeping the ruins afloat.

Even though the ruins were losing altitude, Eggman decided to withdraw the Egg Fleet as it was taking heavy losses from the remaining Black Arms soldiers. He left his flagship and headed for his base in the jungle aboard an airship, but became aware that the Egg Balloon was being attacked by GUN as he entered the base. With the Black Arms weakened, it seemed they had taken the opportunity to attack him. As well as GUN, his base was being attacked by E-123 Omega, a renegade E-Series robot. Eggman realised that Shadow had also followed him to his base and implored him to help repel GUN. The Doctor travelled towards the centre of his base in his balloon while his Shadow androids attacked all intruders. But Eggman soon became aware that Shadow and Omega seemed to be teamed together. Angry that Shadow had apparently betrayed him, Eggman confronted the pair in a mecha suit. Omega expressed his desire to destroy his master, but Shadow had come with questions. He asked Eggman if he was the real Shadow or just one of the androids he’d seen. In an attempt to disillusion the traitorous Shadow, Eggman told him that he was just a robot and that it was time to be scrapped. However, Shadow and Omega defeated him and Eggman had to retreat in order to consider his next move.

As usual, Eggman realised that the only way for him to be successful and defeat all of his enemies was to collect the seven Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, Shadow had collected most of them, but Eggman decided to track down the final one anyway. This Emerald turned out to be in the possession of the Black Arms, on the Black Comet that they called their home world. Eggman travelled to the comet and managed to secure the gem and prepared to confront Shadow, who he now believed planned to give the Emeralds to the Black Aliens’ leader. Confronting Shadow in another of his robotic creations, Eggman demanded that the hedgehog hand over the six Chaos Emeralds. To no one’s surprised, he refused and Shadow ended up claiming the seventh Emerald.
After his defeat, Eggman retreated and ran into Sonic and his friends, who made Eggman aware of the Black Arms’ plan to destroy the planet. Together, they all rushed to stop Shadow from letting the alien leader Black Doom get the Emeralds and found Shadow about to hand them over. Eggman urged the hedgehog not to hand them over. It was too late, however, and Black Doom took the gems, using them to land the Black Comet on the Earth. Doom then explained his plan – to use humans as an energy source. Doom also explained, to Eggman’s surprise, that he had struck a deal with Gerald Robotnik 50 years ago – help create Shadow in return for Shadow bringing him the seven Emeralds. Eggman couldn’t believe his ears. He was disgusted that his grandfather would have betrayed his own people for the sake of research.

After explaining his plans, Black Doom used a gas attack to paralyse Eggman and the others, leaving only Shadow unaffected to go and fight Black Doom. While Shadow was gone, a recording suddenly began playing around the comet from an unknown source. It was the voice of Professor Gerald, explaining that he made a mistake trusting the black aliens and built the Eclipse Cannon in order to destroy them before they returned to destroy the Earth. Before the ARK had been stormed and Gerald had gone mad, he had intended for Shadow stop the alien invasion and save the Earth. He was still the good man Eggman had envisioned him as, even if he had gone too far in his research.

After the recording, Eggman and the others managed to free themselves and flee the Black Comet. During their escape, they managed to get radio contact with Shadow and Eggman helped to guide Shadow in his journey to the core of the comet and in his battle with Black Doom. During the fight, he admitted to Shadow that he had lied about him only being an android, hoping this fact would lift his spirits enough to help him win. Watching the battle from Earth, Eggman witnessed Shadow use Chaos Control to warp the comet back into space, where it was destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon as originally intended.

In the aftermath of the invasion, Eggman knew that the time was ripe to conquer the world while the world’s military was weak from the Black Arms invasion. Eggman decided to take advantage of the chaos and distracted military in order to stay undetected while building a new Death Egg to threaten the world with. He financed this project largely through a new security firm he set up in order to sell guard robots to businesses in these troubled times.

The events on the Black Comet had also led Eggman to read over his grandfather’s old diaries again and he discovered an entry he hadn’t noticed before. It revealed that Gerald had discovered an ancient robot, the Gizoid, which was supposed to be a weapon of mass-destruction. He had tried to tame the robot and make it more human, but Eggman was only interested in its destructive capabilities. Eager to test it out, Eggman recovered the mech and attempted to activate it, but it refused to wake up for him. Frustrated at his lack of progress, Eggman threw the robot away at the beach and decided to concentrate on his Death Egg project.

However, it seemed that the robot wasn’t broken after all and had responded when it was found by Sonic. When Eggman saw that the robot was becoming more powerful in battle under Sonic and his friends’ tutelage, and discovered that it had been absorbing Chaos Emeralds that he had put inside his own robots, he tried several times to recover the Gizoid for himself. Finally, Eggman discovered the true way to gain the Gizoid’s loyalty - it was programmed to obey whoever was the most powerful. Eggman formulated a plan – if he could persuade Sonic to bring the Gizoid to the Death Egg, he would fire the superweapon at a nearby star and gain the robot’s loyalty. The plan seemed to be working as the Gizoid boarded the Death Egg to confront Eggman and stop him from threatening the Earth.

As the Gizoid boarded the Death Egg, Eggman noted that the robot had changed and was no longer a war machine. However, the robot was still determined to stop Eggman from using his Death Egg to rule the world. In order to try and restore its battle programming, Eggman challenged the robot to a battle, taunting it in order to make it fight harder.

The robot managed to destroy Eggman’s mecha and he found himself in defeated and with no way to defend himself. Appealing to the good nature of the machine, Eggman begged for forgiveness and promised never to be bad again – a ruse to get the gullible Gizoid to back down. As the robot prepared to leave the Death Egg, Eggman launched the station’s superweapon at a nearby cluster of stars. The destruction, as predicted, caused the Gizoid’s original programming to come back, but to Eggman’s surprise the robot overpowered him and took control of the Death Egg, preparing to fire it at the Earth. Luckily, Sonic turned up just in time to destroy the Gizoid and for once, Eggman was grateful for Sonic’s intervention.

Eggman’s next major campaign was after his research led him to rumours about a beast lurking within the core of the planet – Dark Gaia. Eggman realised that with Dark Gaia’s mysterious energy, he could take over the world and discovered that the key to unlocking its power lay in the Gaia Manuscripts. The manuscripts were ancient documents in the possession of a scientist at the Spagonia University – Professor Pickle. Eggman kidnapped the professor and stole the documents, reading that Dark Gaia could be awakened from the planet if the energy of the Chaos Emeralds was concentrated on a specific location. Eggman used the manuscripts and Pickle’s lab data to build a space station housing a cannon specially designed to amplify the power of the Emeralds and wake Dark Gaia.

After failing to collect the Chaos Emeralds and alerting Sonic to his presence, Eggman retreated to his space fleet where he came up with a new plan. Since Sonic had managed to obtain all of the gems, he would lure the hedgehog to his space station and trap him. As the hedgehog arrived in space, Eggman launched a full-scale attack on his enemy, hoping to kill him and take the Emeralds for himself. He fought Sonic on the deck of his flagship but was surprised to see Sonic use the power of the Emeralds to transform into his super form. Eggman narrowly avoided the destruction of his mecha suit and flew his plane towards the station with Super Sonic not far behind. As he reached the station’s control room, Sonic knocked him out of his plane and Eggman saw his golden opportunity. He pleaded for his life in an attempt to distract Sonic, which was successful, and while the hedgehog was bragging he trapped Sonic in an energy field. The cannon drew all of the energy from the Chaos Emerald and the cannon fired, shattering the Earth into pieces and freeing Dark Gaia from inside. Eggman took a moment to taunt Sonic and then launched him out into space along with the drained Chaos Emeralds.

Believing Sonic to be dead, Eggman returned to his base on Earth where he had prepared a device that would absorb the power of Dark Gaia and use it to construct Eggmanland. The Gaia Manuscripts had also alluded to the Temples of Gaia, which could be used to seal Dark Gaia back inside the planet, so Eggman sent his robots to secure all seven in order to prevent anyone from stopping his plans.

When attempting to secure the temple in Mazuri, Eggman encountered Sonic there who prevented him from reaching the temple and forced him to retreat to his base. Back at base, Eggman was angry to see that the planet was slowly coming back together and the Eggmanland Constructor was not yet online. His robot informed him that Sonic was restoring the planet with the Emeralds and that Dark Gaia’s energy was scattered due to Eggman awakening it too early. Refusing to admit fault, Eggman instead began to construct a device that was designed to bring Dark Gaia’s fragments back together.

Despite Sonic’s efforts at restoring the planet back together, the device proved to be a success and Dark Gaia’s parts all met below the continent that Eggman’s beacon was built upon. With so much energy readily available, Eggman’s machinery came to life and began to build, finally constructing the nation of his dreams – Eggmanland. Despite Eggmanland finally being a reality, the new emperor knew that he couldn’t relax now. Sonic had restored six of the seven fragmented planet pieces and the only remaining temple was buried under Eggmanland. Eggman immediately had his robots mobilise to defend his empire and constructed a new mecha, the Egg Dragoon, which he intended to use to destroy Sonic.

As the Eggmanland continent started to shift back into place, Eggman confronted Sonic in the Egg Dragoon and sent him falling into a chasm. He pursued Sonic as he fell and their battle lead them all the way to the core of the Earth where Dark Gaia resided. As the Egg Dragoon fell, Dark Gaia rose from the magma ocean below them, now whole and fully sentient thanks to Eggman’s efforts. Eggman ordered the gigantic monster to crush Sonic, but it had no intention of obeying and instead sent Eggman flying all the way to the surface.

Now stranded in the desert with his robot advisor, Eggman knew that Dark Gaia had surely been sealed back in the planet’s core, but it was little consolation considering that his glorious Eggman Empire, which he had dreamed of all of his life, was no more.

Character Personality:

Dr. Eggman is a self-proclaimed romantic, feminist and gentleman, although in reality, his personality is mostly dominated by his huge ego. This is made obvious constantly in almost everything he does.

He deems himself to be perfection, in both mind and in body. This is reflected in his unending desire to rule the world and his constant need to prove his genius, as well as the fact that so many of his robot creations resemble him physically. In fact, as the years have gone on, his robots have started to resemble him more and more. Shortly after his attempt to dominate the world with the Eclipse Cannon, he developed vast armies of robots sharing his rotund figure, as well as his trademark pointed nose and wide grin. These are all features that Dr. Eggman considers the height of handsomeness, despite others thinking his appearance to be ridiculous. Due to his delusions of perfection, he takes great offence at anyone insulting his looks or intelligence and will quickly respond with anger to anyone who dares criticise him.

Eggman's aforementioned desire to rule the world is what really drives him. Most of his time is spent planning and executing new plots to take over the world and he seems to genuinely enjoy putting his invasion plans to work. One of the main motivations for him to take over the world is the scientist's need to be universally loved and respected by all. He particularly considers himself worthy of ruling the planet because of his genius alone. Other than that, he also enjoys being in a position of power where he can lord over others and bully them into doing his bidding. Conquering the Earth has also becoming about making a point in Eggman’s mind. After all, there are other planets out there that he could easily call his own and he has the ability to travel there. But Eggman is adamant that he needs to gain the respect of those on Earth, after all, he can’t admit defeat.

His world domination plans are more or less always foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog, his arch-nemesis for whom he originally held a deep-seated hatred, but who now sees as more of a rival than a hated enemy. Another motivation for Eggman to keep building his robots and trying to rule the world is the chance to put his creations to the test against Sonic, whom he considers to be his only worthy opponent. His machines aren't perfect until they're able to beat the hedgehog and he continues to improve his designs in the hope of one day defeating him. He admires Sonic for his determination and tenacity, seeing something of himself in the hedgehog. At the same time, his constant defeats at the hands of his rival leave him frustrated, angry and at times completely demoralised. Nevertheless, Eggman never gives up and continues to hatch new schemes to beat Sonic and take over the world.

Eggman also has something of a rivalry with Sonic's friend Tails, not only because the two often team up to defeat him, but because Tails' mechanical skills are almost up to par with his own. Although Eggman rarely admits it, he's often impressed by the level of skill involved in some of Tails' creations. Despite this, Eggman doesn't consider Tails to be as big of a threat as Sonic, seeing Tails as nothing but the sidekick despite all of his skills. In fact, Eggman finds the idea of ever being beaten by Tails plain embarrassing, compared to how he feels when Sonic defeats him. The scientist has also been known to show similar admiration for other skilled mechanics, although he would never admit this aloud.

Eggman creates a variety of different robots and his designs range from the genuinely menacing to the plain absurd; he loves building things to a theme, often building a base and guard robots with matching designs. For example, one of Eggman's bases was themed on a haunted castle, complete with robots modelled after witches. Often, robots and inventions like this give the impression that the doctor is more interested in making them look good than making them functional. Despite the fact that Eggman has more recently been moving from his stranger, animal themed designs into more uniform armies of robotic infantry, he still maintains a nostalgic love for his older, more whimsical designs and doesn't let his need for an efficient army stop him from using his imagination when he designs new robots and weapons.

In addition to being unusual and somewhat comical, Eggman's designs and plans can reflect a childlike nature. He seems to have a love of amusements parks and often builds them surrounding his bases. On one occasion he was even more interested in showing his ally Shadow what rides and attractions there were than he was in repelling the attacking military force within his base. These giant, deadly theme parks in fact reflect Eggman's plans for his Eggman Empire. When he finally did achieve his goal and found the nation of Eggmanland, the entire place was one huge funfair, likely what Eggman had planned for his Empire all along.

When Eggman isn't working on his designs, he enjoys relaxing and playing games to help him unwind. His Egg Carrier battleship even had a private games room for the Doctor, as well as a swimming pool area and an aquarium. His games room contains a variety of slot machines and some of Eggman's creations have been casino themed, suggesting that Eggman has a love for gambling, although he prefers to weigh the odds heavily in his own favour. He doesn't enjoy losing. Eggman has also been known to own a casino or two in the past, perhaps as a way to finance his operations. Eggman’s other main hobby is the study of ancient cultures. He has an affinity for ancient ruins, which he often likes to improve with his own designs and make his home. He also likes to read up on ancient cultures, especially being interested in those that held a power he might be able to harness.

Eggman is prone to immature fits of rage and temper tantrums if his plans aren't going his way, stomping and flailing and voicing his anger, even if others are present and he's clearly making a fool of himself. On the other hand, if things are going well for him, he can't help but gloat and become full of himself. During a fight, Eggman won't be able to resist taunting his enemies, especially if he manages to land a hit on them or believes them to be beaten.

His self-centred attitude can also make it difficult for him to get along with others. This is probably one reason he rarely has intelligent robots or human allies in his army. He generally treats his own creations with utter disdain and won't hesitate to have them destroyed if they fail him. It's for this reason that his more self-aware creations have often betrayed him, such as Omega who is always hunting Eggman down to destroy him. Even knowing this, Eggman doesn't feel any remorse for his actions or even seem to care when his robots rebel, seeing them as faulty and prospective scrap metal. Despite all of this, it's not impossible for Eggman to co-operate with others and he has done so in the past. He almost conquered the world with the help of Shadow and Rouge, although he was being manipulated at the time. He has also been known to work together with the heroes to help stop a greater threat than himself from destroying the world - after all, if the world is conquered or destroyed, that's not in his best interests. His help has been invaluable in defeating other threats on several occasions. Despite this, he dislikes the idea of working with others, especially to take over the world, and has made a vow to himself to complete his conquest without the help of others.

He has long been haunted by the story of his grandfather's execution at the hands of the military, a seemingly innocent man who was killed for trying to do the right thing. It's something that has always fuelled him to be a scientist. When the Doctor found out that his grandfather had sold the lives of millions in the name of progress, he was hurt and taken aback, horrified that his idol could have done such a thing. For a time, he lost a lot of respect for his grandfather until he could justify the man's actions. This is evidence of Eggman's sense of morality, as well as his capacity for real feelings. After witnessing his grandfather going insane and trying to destroy the entire world, Eggman began to think more about his own sanity and what he might become if he becomes too destructive. As a result, Eggman’s plans tend to involve less senseless destruction than they had in the early days.

Doctor Eggman isn't used to dealing with people on a social level, as he confines himself to his own fortresses and only generally has contact with those who oppose him. However, Eggman is capable of coming across as charming or likeable, perhaps due to seeming so eccentric. He is oddly willing to converse with others, partially because of a desire to gain information from or manipulate others, but often out of a general desire for social interaction that is left unfulfilled in his regular situation. Still, his lack of experience with other people may mean he comes across as somewhat outlandish. He is also fairly adept at hiding his evil motives from others. He is quite fun loving and will often take part in activities with others, even if only to prove that he is the best. This means he can often develop fierce rivalries with others in his constant need to be superior.

All in all, Eggman's eccentric and sometimes mad demeanour actually hides a vast intelligence and a genuinely brilliant mind. Although he often maintains a somewhat flamboyant and jovial attitude, he can lose it at the drop of a hat if the situation calls for it, acting completely seriously, even cold and calculating at times. However, perhaps that jovial and fun-loving attitude of Eggman's, combined with his past experiences is evidence that there is a real human being there underneath all the ego and malice. Perhaps if given the chance to interact with others rather than try and gain their respect by force, a gentler self could be uncovered. Or perhaps Doctor Robotnik's lighter side is merely a facade, a way for him to lull his victims into a false sense of security and achieve his plans of world domination.

Powers and Abilities:

Eggman has no formal powers in the superhuman sense.

Eggman’s biggest strength is his intelligence and knowledge of science and weapons technology, as well as his specialty in robotics. His IQ is claimed to be 300.

He can pilot more or less any vehicle or operate most machines if given a little while to learn the controls. He can hack most computers and decode many security systems.

Despite his large body size, Eggman is strangely athletic and can run at high speeds for short bursts, though he quickly becomes exhausted. He can also jump fairly high.

By no means super strong, Eggman can still pack quite the punch if he’s suitably angry or backed into a corner. He’s not professionally trained to fight, though. He can also take quite a beating.

Eggman is a good manipulator and is skilled at getting others to believe he’s trustworthy, or at least believe he’s too stupid to trick them if nothing else. This obviously depends on the person, though.

Eggman is good at picking up new skills and is willing to try out anything that will gain him power. This could be an advantage to him in this world.


Greetings! It has been a while, hasn’t it? For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Doctor Eggman and I am the world’s most brilliant scientist. And what an interesting reality storm we just had. Certainly more entertaining than the last, wouldn’t you agree? Oh ho ho!

But enough small-talk - I have a request to ask of you! With everything calming down, I’ve become quite bored and thought I’d read up on some ancient history. One of you must know a good book to pick up from the library. Or better yet – perhaps you have some interesting tales to tell yourselves.

Oh! I nearly forgot - I noticed my good wrench has gone missing. I know someone out there took it and you’ll bring it right back if you know what’s good for you.

Third Person:

Doctor Eggman munched thoughtfully on his hotdog as he stared down the street. Some of the towering skyscrapers he had encountered in this area reminded the scientist of his visits to Empire City. He briefly wondered how so many different styles of architecture had made their way into one place.

But he had more pressing matters on his mind than architecture. The first and foremost of these matters was that this hotdog desperately needed mustard. He grabbed a bottle from the counter and with that nagging problem out of the way, Eggman’s mind was clear enough to think about his real conundrum. He sighed and spoke aloud to himself, as it’s always easier to think when you hear the sound of your own glorious voice.

“I thought I could leave this place any time I wanted, so why didn’t it work when I tried? I went to the right place and did exactly what that little idiot told me to do!” He swallowed down the last of that hot dog and motioned to the silent shopkeeper for another. “Grr! He must have lied to me!”

Eggman let out another sigh and thought back to what he’d experienced going through that mysterious gate, the nothingness around him and that bizarre feeling he had felt. And yet as he had focused all of his thoughts on how much he had left to accomplish on Earth, there was that one nagging thought that had come back again and again – Bending.

The same man who had told him how to leave this place had also mentioned the power of Bending. Eggman didn’t quite understand it, but if it truly gave the user the ability to create things out of nothing and bend reality to their will then it was powerful indeed. And if Bending was responsible for this bizarre place and all of its structures, the doctor knew that the opportunity to learn it was not one he could miss.

Yes, that was it. That was the reason he couldn’t leave. Not yet. He would master the art of Bending and he would use it to mould a world in his own image. And no one would stop him, not even Sonic the Hedgehog.
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[February 28th - Filtered from Kazooie]

[The voice post opens with the sounds of banjo strings being plucked. It sounds like the beginnings of a tune, but played slowly and quickly descending into flat, out of tune notes. A few more experimental notes follow, before the sound of a string snapping interrupts and is followed by an angry growl from Eggman.]

Gah! Can't anyone teach me how to play this blasted instrument? A mechanical genius I may be, but this contraption has me completely flabbergasted!

[February 29th]

[Today, Eggman's grinning face appears in the video feed of the journal system, and Eggman lets out his trademark, roaring laugh.]

Ohhh ho ho ho! Greetings, Luceti! It's me, Doctor Eggman! Do you all remember how fun Luceti Land was? Either way, listen up!

As you may know, my brilliant mind is always looking for new and exciting things to work on - and one of my passions is designing exciting and breathtaking attractions for my magnificent themeparks all over the world! So, to relieve a little boredom I decided I'd design a few fun attractions and maybe one day test drive them in the Battle Dome!

So how about it, Luceti? Inspire me! From rollercoasters to ferris wheels, even little teacups - I want to know which rides and attractions are your favourites!


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